A freelance copywriter, editor, and technical writer living in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. 

I write for web and print – integrating intensive research, attention to detail, branding, and marketing – delivering content across a range of industries, to brands ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies.  

I’ve worked as a copywriter since late 2009, when I took on an internship with Dallas-based Apple Copywriting. In 2014, I moved to the Netherlands for the first time, and in 2016, I registered my business with the Chamber of Commerce. Since then, I’ve worked with startups like Auditflow.io, Versatech, and Pentest Hero, and big names like eBay, C&A, Schouten & Nelissen, and many more. I specialize in technical, research-driven content, because that’s what I love to do.  

My professional skills include content, editing, search optimization, project management, research, and branding. And, I’m always excited to add to that skillset, whether on-the-job, or through personal development. 

I’m a copywriter, yes. But I’m also more than that. I love to read, cook, sew, and learn. I’m passionate about human rights and I frequently spend time volunteering. I’m crazy about yoga, craft beer, and plants – which I own over 100 of. I can put my feet on my head (easily). And, you probably wouldn’t want to hire me full time because of the added organizational expense of providing me coffee. I’m self-motivated, creative, conscientious – and several other words HR loves to hear but the rest of us don’t care about – but also sarcastic, demanding, and opinionated. I’m human, and, generally. that’s a good thing. 

Brandy Burden, Copywriter

Located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

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