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Daddy? And the creepy crawlies that bear the name

Few words could be more dichotomous than “daddy”. Why is that? Often we create words and they go into a category to define a subject. Subject object categorization. This word defines this category of things. Think about when you see little kids playing. First a round thing is a ball then every round thing becomes a ball. Is

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Newspeak & Political Correctness: Considering Linguistic Relativity in the Context of Excluding Words from the Lexicon

Political correctness – either defined as a draconian attempt at thought and speech control, or an egalitarian movement to use language in ways which are inclusive, intersectional, and respectful, depending, of course, on which quarter of the political compass you’re sitting – is highly contentious. Now that I’ve killed my Flesch-Kincaid readability score in the

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”Saving Face” or the Grammatical Loopholes of “Polite” Language

The Ridiculous Application of Metonymy & Pragmatics   In every culture, there are standards for politeness, what is okay, what is not okay, and why. In many instances, “politeness culture” is good. In most cases, the term “politeness” is a colloquialism, a metonym, for “etiquette”. The difference is, of course, that politeness requires consideration of another’s

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