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A native English copywriter specializing in technical content 

A freelance copywriter based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands


Well-researched copy for websites and digital media, where search, scannability, and device are all taken into account.


I distill your message into beautifully written content for books, magazines, and brochures, where every word counts. 


From crafting the perfect ad to writing scripts for interviews or ghost writing your think-piece, I can help you voice your ideas. 

For NDS I have been working with Brandy on a broad range of copy related output, such as our new websites, magazine, leaflets and blogs. She is creative, fast and she always meets any deadline. She is very talented and a blessing to work with.

Peter den Burger

Marketing Communications Manager, Van Dinther


I deliver high-research, short and long-form content for web and print, in your voice and style. I specialize in tech and technically complex copy ranging from websites to intensive studies and whitepapers, but I’m open to interesting projects for businesses of all sizes.


Reach your audience with native English copy, written to and for your brand. I research audience, demographic, and search specifications to ensure every word fits your readers. 


Deliver a seamless experience across web and print properties, with uniform content branding and style. Your brand is your business, and it’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it.

Whether that means learning existing branding and style guides, or helping you develop new ones, I’m here to help


Engage your audience with an authentic voice, sharing meaningful data, creative copy, or interesting points. I help you be heard by researching content that people want to read.

From extensive interviewing and original research to leveraging existing content from books and web media, I commit to delivering research to give your message its voice.

Brandy is a conscientious team member. She is great with deadlines, communicative about her needs, and asks smart questions. She has also shown the initiative to get any information she might need to write a better article, and is quick and consistent with her work. I recommend her for any technical writing or blogging needs your business may have.

Rachel Andrea Go

Content strategy and execution manager, Profiles Asia Pacific

Brandy has been writing for our brand for quite some time. She’s fantastic. She’s been an effective and highly productive member of our team. Brandy has worked on many of our client projects over the years. Her ability to work with different verticals has been extremely valuable.

Rory Martin


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