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Copywriting & Editing

Engage your audience with creative copy designed for your brand and demographic. I create high-research, short and long-form content for web and print, in your voice and style.


Reach your audience with native English copy, written to and for your brand. I research message, demographic, and search specifications to ensure every word fits your readers.  

I specialize in tech and technically complex content ranging from websites to intensive studies and whitepapers, but I’m open to interesting, creative projects for businesses of all sizes.  


Deliver a seamless experience across web and print properties, with uniform content branding and style. Your brand is your business, and it’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it. 

The first stage of any project involves branding. Whether that means learning existing branding and style guides, or helping you develop new ones, I’m here to help.  


Engage your audience with an authentic voice, sharing meaningful data, creative copy, or interesting updates. I help you be heard by researching content that people want to read.    

From extensive interviewing and original research to leveraging existing content from books and web media, I commit to delivering research to give your message its voice.  


Every project begins with research. I conduct interviews, meet you in person, and get to know your brand, your audience, and your message. And, I perform extensive original and secondary research based on project scope and timelines.  


I take my research and start writing, in your office or mine, using your scope, style guide, and brand. I deliver this in Word, or via a cloud tool, to ensure the process remains as collaborative as possible no matter where I’m writing.  


Whether your content or mine, we review content together to make changes and updates based on your input. Editing is a critical element of the writing process, which is why I complete at least one round of edits on everything I write.